Great! Rewrite Paper Assignment 2

Rewrite Paper
Rewrite Paper

PSY 520 SPSS Assignment 2


1) Describe in your own words what type of research situations call for a researcher to use an ANOVA analysis.

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Type answer below:

The one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) is utilized to figure out if there are any noteworthy contrasts between the method for three or more autonomous (disconnected) bunches.

2a) Use the Compare Means function (AnalyzeCompare MeansMeans) to compare the means of the three Sound conditions on Anxiety and Performance.

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Type of background music during the testPerformance on a test of general math abilityAnxiety level during the testPrior math experience
Std. Deviation7.702817.21821.51887
Std. Deviation7.010204.65337.51887
White NoiseMean59.142937.71431.5714
Std. Deviation10.227095.41264.51355
Std. Deviation9.123075.70259.50485

2b) Based on these results, on which variable does it most appear there might be significant differences based on the Sound condition?

Type answer below:

The variable that appears to be significantly different based on sound condition would be performance.

3a) Conduct a one-way ANOVA on both Anxiety and Performance using Sound as the independent variable. That is, conduct two separate one-way ANOVAs, one with Anxiety as the dependent variable and one with Performance as the dependent variable.

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Anxiety level during the test
Sum of SquaresdfMean SquareFSig.
Between Groups13.19326.596.195.824
Within Groups1287.5883833.884
Performance on a test of general math ability
Sum of SquaresdfMean SquareFSig.
Between Groups618.6482309.3244.336.020
Within Groups2710.5713871.331

3b) Based on these results, were either of your ANOVAs significant? How can you tell? Use a cutoff level of .05 for your decision.

Type your answer below:

Based on the results there is a significant in the ANOVA with performance. I can tell this because I used the significant cutoff level of 0.05 and the significant level of performance was 0.020.

4a) Remember that in a one-way ANOVA, we are only looking at the impact of one variable on the dependent variable. Factorial ANOVAs, on the other hand, assess the impact of multiple independent variables. Conduct a factorial ANOVA on Performance using both Sound and Experience as independent variables. Be sure to choose the option to view the estimated marginal means for all of your main effects and interactions—this will allow you to more easily interpret the results.

Paste your output for only the Test of Between-Subjects Effects below:

Tests of Between-Subjects Effects
Dependent Variable: Performance on a test of general math ability
SourceType III Sum of SquaresdfMean SquareFSig.
Corrected Model2155.464a5431.09312.855.000
Sound * Experience231.8222115.9113.456.043
Corrected Total3329.22040
a. R Squared = .647 (Adjusted R Squared = .597)

4b) Write the results of the ANOVA. For help, refer to the third paragraph of the “Two-factor ANOVA” section of this document.

Type answer below:

A 2 x 2 ANOVA revealed a significant in sound F(2,35) =7.34, p <. 002. Female faces were rated as more attractive than male faces. There was a significant interaction between sound times experience F(2,35) = 3.46, p <. 043.

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