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As we are a service specializing in academic assistance, it is crucial for us that we provide you with high-quality, authentic papers. We are convinced that if there is one thing completely unacceptable in the academic environment, it is plagiarism. So, in order to ensure your satisfaction and safety, we scan each paper our writers complete with the best plagiarism checkers.

Despite the widespread opinion that all writing services are wrong and shouldn’t be used, (which is probably a stereotypical opinion), things have changed in today’s world. With the growing demand for professionals and the heavier overload at colleges, students have less time and most are unwilling or unable to complete their academic tasks on their own. Luckily, we provide the best essay help services to students around the world in all subjects. Our custom essays are high quality and plagiarism-free as they are written from scratch.

How It Works    

As a service specializing in academic help, we use sophisticated anti-plagiarism software to ensure that all papers delivered by our writers are top quality and 100% plagiarism-free. By the use of advanced algorithms in our software, we can find any tricks used by writers to hide cheating. Our internal plagiarism-detecting software has all the characteristics of the top-notch plagiarism checkers on the internet. The software is updated regularly thus it can scan sources from all over the internet. Our plagiarism detecting software can do the following;

  1. Identify parts that have been copied directly from the internet.
  2. Identify cases in which texts already on the internet have been altered through changes in word order and sentence structure.
  3. Identify any attempt to hide plagiarism through paraphrasing or the substitution of words with synonyms.
  4. Identify the substitution of active voice construction with a passive voice and vice versa.

What is The Reason students Write Duplicate or Plagiarized Assignments?

The main reason behind the duplicate or plagiarized assignments is the tight and hectic schedule of the students. Most of the students don’t get time to work on their assignments. Many students don’t get time because of the heavy work pressure of their studies. There is the various subject that one student has to study and making assignments on every subject becomes a tedious task for students to carry out. Hectic schedule, study pressure, and deadlines of the assignment compel the student to copy-paste the data from the internet, but this is not the right way. Every student should know about plagiarism and the harsh punishment given by the teachers. So, you don’t have to copy-paste the material from the internet, this is the necessity of an assignment. You need to follow some suggestions and recommendations to write plagiarism-free assignments.

Every assignment needs deep thinking, intensive research, and reliable resources. Intensive research and correct referencing is a very complex process. There are various types of referencing, students need to know all because their professor can give them any kind of reference.  To write a plagiarism-free assignment, students need to focus on their goal and must research a particular topic. Otherwise, it leads to distraction. Your motto should be to write a plagiarism-free assignment. The most important trick is to know all kinds of plagiarism to avoid duplicity in your assignment.

Various Types of Plagiarism

  • Verbatim quotation. It is the quotations that students directly copy-paste without any acknowledgment. A writer should properly mention in the acknowledgment about the borrowed quotations of various big personalities.
  • Paraphrasing. It is also known as rephrasing. Rephrasing another’s work in their own language. It is the most common mistake that most students commit in their research papers, academic papers, thesis, dissertations, and, other assignments. But, the tag of plagiarism can be avoided if all the cited resources are mentioned properly. Rephrasing becomes a mistake when you copy another’s thoughts copies and present them with your own ideas and thoughts.
  • Direct plagiarism. It occurs when a student copy-pastes the direct content from the internet or another fellow student’s assignment. If some words are changed and the majority of words are copy-pasted then it is plagiarized content.
  • Incorrect citation. It occurs when the citation is not mentioned correctly. In other words, if you are following Harvard citation, you need to follow all the guidelines and rules related to Harvard citation, then only it will be a correct and appropriate citation.
  • Citing an unreliable source. It is the most difficult situation for students because sometimes students take references from illegitimate source. It makes the student perplexed about what to write and what not to write. This will lead to an extremely bad impression of the student on professors or teachers.
  • Mosaic plagiarism. This is the kind of plagiarism when some data is taken from one source, and some data is taken from another source and paste these data into a single paper. This type of copy-pasting is more harmful than simply rephrasing.
  • Self-plagiarism. It occurs when a student takes the information from its previous assignment.

These are various kinds of plagiarism that every student should know and keep in mind while writing an assignment.

Buy Essay With a Clear Conscience                       

Without a doubt, the best essay that you can buy is a plagiarism-free essay. All academic institutions find it a crime to cheat and steal someone else’s work. That’s why we are ready to provide students with high-quality and plagiarism-free essays which are not the average kind of automatic essays like the ones written by the ‘word generators’. All our essays are written by our professional academic writers who will do thorough research before they start writing your paper to ensure it is 100% unique. The following are other reasons why you should trust our essay help services.

  • Our writers can handle any type of academic assignment. Our writers are specialists in different fields of study. With the help of our essay help services, you can get solutions to a variety of academic assignments such as term papers, business plans, presentations, argumentative essays in any subject, thesis, movie reviews, letters, journal articles research proposals, lab reports, and many others. Please contact us if you need help with any type of assignment.
  • We have employed a team of responsive writers. Apart from having the necessary skills and knowledge, our writers are also very loyal to our clients. They have got enough patience and are always ready and willing to guide any client on any question or problem they might encounter when working with us. With our essay help services, you get to enjoy free unlimited revisions and editing on any of the essays ordered from us.
  • We have a quality control team. None of our papers is written carelessly as during the writing process, the writer writes the first draft then the second draft which is an improvement of the first. The paper is then sent to the editors who check and proofread texts to clear them up from mistakes, typing errors, and irrelevant information. This process of editing and revision will guarantee you an A grade for your essay. Furthermore, you will never see the boring traditional phrases in our essays as our writers are very innovative.
  • Our prices are cheap, fair, and affordable. You will never regret the price you pay for our custom plagiarism-free essay writing service. We offer a great opportunity for saving up such that you can pay less if you pay for your order in advance. The longer the deadline the cheaper the cost and that’s why orders with a long deadline are cheaper than urgent orders.
  • We can handle agent orders. We have a team of highly qualified writers who can prepare urgent plagiarism-free essays. Some urgent papers will be delivered within 3 to 8 hours depending on the number of pages and complexity. Even with the urgent deadline, the paper’s quality will not suffer.

The Following Are Tips Used By Our Professional Essay Writers to Deliver Plagiarism-free Essays.

Our software utilizes advanced algorithms that can see through all tricks that can be used to hide plagiarism in a piece of writing. Although we trust our writers to deliver high-quality and original content, we always take the necessary precautions to ensure nothing goes unnoticed. All our papers are checked for plagiarism before they are delivered to our clients. The following are steps used by our writers to ensure they deliver original content. 

  • Everything is written from scratch. At Scholary Essays, we do not have a database for pre-written essays. This means that all our papers are written upon request and as per the instructions of the client. Even in a case where instructions are repeated the paper is written independently of the previously written paper.
  • All sources used are cited accurately and as per the formatting style of your choice. Every time we quote or paraphrase, an in-text citation or footnote citation is included. This identifies the original author and also includes the publication year and a page number. Each in-text corresponds to a reference in the reference list at the end of your paper.
  • Paraphrasing and quotations are used. When sharing ideas or information from a certain source, the information must be paraphrased or quotation marks must be used instead. Quoting means copying a piece of text word for word. The copied text is then enclosed in quotation marks followed by attributions to the original author. On the other hand, paraphrasing is using your own words to explain something from the original source.
  • Plagiarism detectors are used. In most cases, your tutor will use a plagiarism detector to check your paper for plagiarism. If you order a paper from us, it will be scanned through a plagiarism detector before it is delivered to you. This helps us eliminate any traces of plagiarism by identifying parts where a citation was forgotten, left out quotation marks, or a paraphrase that is too close to the original text.
  • Presentation of own ideas. Brainstorming is the strength when it comes to essay writing and coming up with original content. Our professional writers are good at understanding and following instructions. Once a writer has understood assignment instructions, they are in a better position of making an original contribution to the topic and subject of your assignment. They can easily give their personal opinions, views, and interpretations making your content more original. 
  • Only relevant and credible information is used. Our writers have access to the world’s database for the best sources of credible information such as online libraries. Only credible online sources will be used in writing and referencing your paper.
  • All structuring and formatting guidelines are used. All our writers have been trained on different citation styles such as MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago. They are aware of all structuring and formatting guidelines of each style and thus your paper will be cited and referenced to the citation style of your choice.

Advantages of Using Our Free Plagiarism Detectors

Our free plagiarism detector will help you identify intentional and non-intentional plagiarism in your essay free of charge. The following are some advantages of using our free plagiarism detector.

  • You can easily identify and eliminate similarities between your assignment and millions of internet sources. Our free plagiarism detector can identify any traces of plagiarism and you will be reminded to cite your sources to make your essay original.
  • You do not have to waste time searching for similarities. The plagiarism detector will point out all similarities and will also mention the original document that the plagiarized content originated from. This means that you will not have to waste time searching for your sources.
  • You get help with grammar checks and spelling. Our free plagiarism detector has the ability to check your essay for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. This will ensure that you come up with a plagiarism-free essay that is free from spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
  • It will save you from the trouble of delivering plagiarized content. With our free plagiarism detector, you can deliver plagiarism and error-free essay which will earn you better grades. Unlike other students who are likely to get punished for delivering plagiarized contentment, you are free from any punishments.

NB: Our free plagiarism detector can identify the use of synonyms in an attempt to hide plagiarized content, identify changes to sentence structure or word order, and can also identify plagiarism in sentences whose voice has been changed. Enjoy using our free plagiarism detector and be in a better position to deliver 100% original content.

Originality Related Hazard causing plagiarism

  • Copyright information that is not cited
  • Reusing texts you had used in your previous writings
  • Rewriting an original text using synonymization and altered sentence structure

Importance of Submitting Plagiarism-free Materials.

Our essay services are the best in the world as our papers are prepared by professional academic writers who have been employed by our company. The papers are passed to our editing department where they ensure that assignment instructions have been fulfilled. All errors are eliminated in this department and the paper is also checked for originality. Enjoy the following advantages any time you use our essay help services for your assignments.

  • You get better grades. Any time you deliver authentic materials to your learning institution, you can be sure to get the best grades. Plagiarized content will give you a poor grade and it can even have a worse outcome such as expulsion.
  • You can express your personal views, opinions, and interpretations freely. Whenever a paper is written from scratch and not copied directly from the original source, the writer is able to express their personal opinion, views, and interpretations. 
  • You get a well-referenced essay with a reference page with all sources used. Every authentic paper must have in-text citations and a reference list at the end of the paper which contains information about all sources used in writing the paper.
  • You get credibility for the materials you submit. Any time you submit original materials you eliminate all chances of losing credibility or getting punished for submitting materials that are unoriginal and that goes against the rules and regulations that have been set by your institution.

If you have trouble researching and writing an original and error-free paper, feel free to contact us at any time for the best assignment help services. Our papers are scanned through a plagiarism detector and thus you do not have to worry about receiving plagiarized content from us.

Consequences of Delivering Plagiarized Materials

The following are the major consequences of plagiarized content to a student.

  • You can be suspended or expelled from your learning institution. Apart from the copyright issue, you can also face adverse consequences due to a plagiarized paper.  You can be suspended if it’s the first time plagiarism is detected in your paper and you do not have any other disciplinary cases with your institution. In the worst-case scenario, you can be expelled. This leaves you with no opportunity to make the institution trust you in the future. If you are expelled, the money, effort, and time spent in your studies can be lost as you might be forced to start afresh in another institution if you are lucky enough to get admission.
  • Your research paper can be canceled. In some institutions, if plagiarism is found in your research paper, your paper can be canceled or you can be failed. This depends on the rules and regulations of your institutions concerning plagiarism. In some institutions, you might be allowed to submit another paper while in others you might be forced to redo the whole course or unit.
  • You can be forced to redo the whole course at an additional cost. Although you might have worked hard on other tasks and assignments, one serious case of plagiarism could disregard your success. You might be denied the opportunity to take your final exam. In this case, you will be requested to restart the course due to a simple mistake that could have been avoided. Always check your papers for plagiarism every time before submitting them for grading.
  •  It might be hard to get admission to another institution once you have been expelled. Once you have been expelled due to plagiarism, your academic record can reflect the ethics offense which can make it hard for you to get admission into other learning institutions.

Popular Questions Asked By Students About Plagiarism.

  • What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is considered an academic fraud as it involves using, stealing, or publication of thoughts, languages, or ideas of other authors without proper acknowledgment. Plagiarism can have highly negative consequences such as paper retractions and loss of author credibility and reputation.

  • Do you offer non-plagiarized essays?

Yes. All our essays are plagiarism-free thanks to our team of professional academic writers who are dedicated to providing original and high-quality content.

  • If you write my essay for me, will I be assured of original content?

We despise plagiarism and that’s why all our essays are passed through a plagiarism detector to ensure they are 100% original before being delivered to our clients. We care about our clients’ grades and academic achievements and we will never do anything that can affect their performance negatively.

  • How do you commit plagiarism?

You can commit plagiarism when writing an essay if you copy directly from journeys, articles, books, or other materials written by different authors. You can use other people’s ideas but they must be paraphrased. The content must also be cited to the original content.

  • What percentage of plagiarism is acceptable?

In most cases, a percentage of up to 10% is considered acceptable in an academic paper but this does not translate to a writer copying and pasting 10% of someone else’s work into your custom essay. No part of your paper will be copied from a source without proper reference. Most of our papers are usually way below that similarity percentage rate.  The 10% is considered acceptable in the academic writing field.

  • Can you check my essay for plagiarism and rewrite it?

Yes. We can edit or rewrite your paper from scratch as we offer editing services at a lower price. Just email your paper to us and we will check it for plagiarism, grammatical errors, and other types of writing mistakes. The paper will be assigned to one of our best writers to edit it or create an entirely new essay based on your findings. The price for editing is different in each case and will be discussed with our support team.              

  • How can I check my final essay for plagiarism myself?

You can use our free online plagiarism detector software or any other plagiarism detector software of your choice. All our essays are scanned through our plagiarism detector to ensure they are 100% original before they are delivered to our clients. Thus, there is nothing to worry about but you can feel free to check your paper to clear out any doubts you might have.

  • Is plagiarism a crime?

Plagiarism is considered an academic fraud in most learning institutions. You should learn your institution’s description of plagiarism and use of source materials to understand how you can avoid plagiarism in all your academic works.

Is Paying Someone to Write an Essay Illegal?

No, it is not illegal to pay someone to write an essay for you. Instead, paying a professional writer or essay writing service can provide you with several benefits such as:

  • Professional writers will do all your work.
  • Get unlimited free revision.
  • Get a free plagiarism report with every order.
  • Time-delivery of your academic assignment.
  • It will save your time in writing essays, papers, and any academic assignment.
  • It will make your writing phase easy and quick.

Hire the academic writer now and receive quality papers and essays on time.

Do you need world-class assignment help services? Contact us and we will start working on your custom paper immediately.

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