CASE STUDY Activity 1


Each activity should be consist on atleast 300 words


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CASE STUDY Activity 1
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Choose a film that you have seen recently, and which you particularly enjoyed. Now find a friend or colleague who has seen the same film, and who hated it.

Discuss your views of that particular film. What factors (age, sex, background, education, interest, values and beliefs, political views, past experience) can you identify that explain the differences in perception between you and your friend or colleague?


Visit and take a look at the UK’s 50 best places to work, as well as the 100 best workplaces in Europe.

Find out what these companies do to motivate their staff ?



You need to answer three questions of a case study and i dont have  that case study so i am going to attach a file in which you will find three questions and their answers,if you can answer those questions according to thier answers BUT in your own words,that will be great.(if you cannot answer these three questions then i can replace this activity with another one)


Watch the following video: (Ten Leadership Theories in 5 minutes)


Answer the following questions:

1. What is the difference between trait and behaviour theories of leadership? are the theories valid?

2.How can organisations select and develop effective leaders? provide 1 example.


Answers the following questions:

1. Identify three to five sustaining innovations that have affected you over the past year.

2. Identify three to five disruptive innovations that have affected you. Did you welcome these innovations because they were Beneficial’s, or did you have cause to complain?

Organization Behavior E- Activity Week 7


Please read the following case study from your prescribed textbook and answer the 3 questions at the end:

Case Study: Why don’t teams work like they’re supposed to?

Q1 What do you think of the elements of successful teamwork Hackman has identified? Do you believe these elements are necessary for effective team performance?

In my opinion of successful teamwork by Professor Richard Hackman that have three points:

1. Organizations establish projected-based teams and then reconfigure them, without considering the stages of group development that might have occur before the team can achieve full performance. Sustain need to be in place, like group-based rewards, and clearly defined group responsibilities

2. Teams should be kept small and have the consistent membership to minimize the types of coordination tasks that take up valuable time.

3. Successful teams also have assertive, courage leaders who can wish authority even when the team resists direction.

I have believed that Hackman he mentions above factor is necessary for effectiveness team performance.

Q2 Can you think of other conditions necessary for teams to be effective?

I think communication is the other necessary for the team to be effectiveness. I was working before that I am not well of communication, my a teammate always misunderstand and confuse my meaning. After this situation I believe good communication can help to team will have well relationship with our teammate, which can in turn improving discipline and efficiency in workplace.

Q3 Imagine you’ve been asked to assemble and lead a team of high-potential new hires to work on the development of an international marketing campaign. What specific steps might you take early in the team’s life to ensure that the new team is able to avoid some of the problems Hackman identified? Is there any way to break down the overall group goal into subtasks so individual accountability can be enhanced?

Man drawing Case study chart on a virtual board

When people who have to lead a new team of newly hired employees, firstly, I have to know and understand to strengths and weaknesses of my group member. which levels to which group members are attracted to each other and are motivated to stay in the group managerial significance. Leadership specially important in multi-team systems, Leader control ability to be more effective in more responsible and senior roles, also an engagement to commit to the organization and stay in challenging roles.

A new team is one that is able to cooperation effectively, well communication and focus on a task. The team development was very positive, enthusiastic and productive. These included time management and avoiding distractions. My team was able to use its strongest characteristics and interdependence upon each other to overcome these problems and complete the task.

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