Great Behavior Rating 5

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Behavior Rating
Behavior Rating


1. Development, and (3) Behavior Rating. Because these three scales are designed to measure different characteristics (that is, they are not homogeneous), it would be inappropriate to combine the three scales in calculating estimates of the test’s

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Great Behavior Rating 5
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Behavior Rating

2. In the Chapter 5 Meet an Assessment Professional feature, Dr. Bryce B. Reeve cited an experience in which he learned that the “Excellent” response category on a test was best translated as meaning ______ in Chinese?

3. Advocates of generalizability theory prefer the use of which of the following terms as an alternative to the use of the term “reliability“?

4. Which of the following is true of systematic error?

5. If the variance of either variable in a correlational analysis is restricted by the sampling procedure used, then the resulting correlation coefficient tends to be

6. A guidance counselor wishes to determine if a student scored higher on a mathematics test than on a reading test. What statistic(s) would be MOST useful?

7. Interpretations of criterion-referenced tests are typically made with respect to

8. In the Everyday Psychometrics for Chapter 5, psychometric aspects of the Breathalyzer were discussed. In one challenge to the test-retest reliability of this device, the court found

9. Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding the differences between a power test and a speed test?

10. IRT is a term used to refer to

Behavior Rating

11. Why isn’t IRT used more by “mom-and-pop” test developers such as classroom teachers?

12. A test containing 100 items is revised by deleting 20 items. What might be expected to happen to the magnitude of the reliability estimate for that test?

13. A test entails behavioral observation and rating of front desk clerks to determine whether or not they greet guests with a smile. Which type of error is this test most susceptible to?

14. Face validity refers to

15. Rating errors

16. A supervisor unintentionally rates his supervisees less favorably than they really deserve. Which type of error is at work here?

17. In an expectancy table, the percentage of employees who are currently successful in a position provides some indication of:

18. Which is the MOST useful tool in evaluating convergent and discriminant validity evidence?

19. Which of the following is NOT included in the traditional “trinitarian” conceptualization of validity?

20. Quotas may be viewed as one type of remedy for

21. Which is TRUE regarding the concept of test fairness?

22. In order to remain consistent with a test’s blueprint, a test administered on a regular basis is likely to require

23. Face validity

24. Which qualifies as a construct?

25. Which BEST describes the concept of validity as applied to tests?  


Behavior Rating

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